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AyALex is is a well-established law firm based in Madrid, representing national and international customers all around Spain. Our firm is made up of legal experts in a wide range of areas including Civil, Administrative, Commercial, Immigration, Tax, Labor, Criminal, etc. and International Private Law. We are highly specialized in Local and International Divorces, Family Law matters, Real Estate, Corporate & Commercial Law, Civil Disputes, Criminal Law (white & blue collar crimes), Litigation and Mediation.

Our commitment

Here at Ayalex, we pride ourselves on meeting our client’s needs, giving them advice they can trust. We know that every case is different and we look to solve your legal issues in a practical way, adapted to your circumstances. We get to know our clients and fully understand their immediate needs and long-term goals. Whether you require our services in Spain or from a different Country, we guarantee a personalised service and take the time to explain your options clearly in a language you can understand. Our level of commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated in the successful outcomes for our clients, and the ongoing success of our firm.

Expertise, National & International

AyALex yALex offers a comprehensive and specialized service in all matters of law related to both private activity and business, nationally and internationally. Our firm integrates professionals with diverse legal and linguistic training, allowing us to focus especially on the international aspects of law. We can offer our customers a wide experience in cross nations matters in international private law.

Trust and Confidentiality

We assist you from the beginning, advising you at all times about the development and evolution of your case, your relations with the opposing party, and your relationships with public administrations and organizations. We provide advice and representation to make you feel comfortable, and can assist you regardless of the complexity of your case, ensuring maximum confidentiality at all times.




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