The GROUP’s expert network has more than 50 centers in 20 countries.

Our specialists are independent contractors who know very precisely the target markets and who have an extensive network of relationships. We can provide you with market information and effective support for the systematic and consistent design and implementation of your business strategy.





Some of our Friends & Collaborators:

AyAlex Abogados y Asesores – Despacho de abogados con vocación internacional;

Abogado Extranjeros Madrid – Abogados especializados en inmigración en Madrid – Visados, Residencia, expulsiones, etc;

Abogados hipoteca – Abogados especializados en Derecho Bancario, hipotecas, abogados cláusula suelo, prestamos, ejecuciones hipotecarias, desahucios, etc;

Business lawyers Spain – English speaking lawyers all around Spain, to assist you in your business and business set up in Spain;

Divorce lawyers Spain – English speaking lawyers in Spain to assist you with your divorce;

English speaking lawyers Spain for English speaking customers;

Immigration Lawyers Madrid helping foreign citizens receive a Spanish Visa, Golden Visa, or residence in Madrid;

Immigration lawyer Spain, helping foreign citizens receive a Spanish Visa, or a residence in Spain;

Divorce in Madrid for foreigners, experienced lawyers to assist you with your divorce in Madrid;

Law in Tourism, Lawyers highly specialized in the Tourism Industry, travel business and customer satisfaction;

Lawyer in Madrid, English speaking Madrid lawyers to assist you in Madrid;

Lawyers Spain, Spanish lawyers to assist you in English all around Spain;

Madrid Tax Lawyers for foreigners, Residents or Non Residents, expats, migrants, etc.;

Spanish property lawyers, the best way to buy a house in Spain, safe and sure;

Traffic accident Lawyers in Spain;

MY LAWYER ABROAD: English speaking Legal Network – Lawyers, Consultants, Auditors, Economists, Translators /Interpreters, Detectives, etc. to assist you everywhere;

GOLD FRACTAL: International Business Consultancy & Investors Guide –;

TRADECOMEX: International Business Consultancy –;

PERITOS JUDICIALES: Court experts and Court specialists in Spain:;

HISPATRAD: Translation services –;

GALGAU: Galgau Group, Lawyers & Consultants –



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