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Your partner in the global market. Take advantage of our network, our advice and our know-how in all major markets around the world.


To succeed in export operations, a company must clearly know its strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and risks associated with the markets. Solid foundations make it possible to respond adequately to market conditions and, if necessary, to take the necessary measures. Such actions may for example consist of: concentrate export resources on promising business opportunities, systematize efforts of sales and distribution, consider alternatives for product, price, sales, distribution and communication.


The close contact we have with all the important markets in the world allow us to know the requirements that companies face. We can provide market information and effective support for the systematic and coherent design and implementation of your business strategy. Take advantage of our network, our advice and our know-how in all major markets around the world.


In tough economic times, the opening of markets, development of production capacity or the supply of services are critical success factors. This not only brings financial benefits, it also increases the prestige of the company within its domestic market. We advise and support companies on all matters relating to the development and expansion of foreign markets.



At TRADECOMEX we have specialized Consultants in Business Networking. Our expert network has more than 50 experts in several countries. Our specialists are independent contractors who know very precisely the target markets and who have an extensive network of relationships. We can provide you with market information and effective support for the systematic and consistent design and implementation of your business strategy.



TRADECOMEX’ Team members are Registered Lawyers in their respective jurisdiction, and count with 10+ years of expertise in International Private and Public Law, and International Business and Trade Law. We are a multicultural and multilingual global team, able to communicate and negotiate at an international level, always serving the best business interests of our clients, offering an important competitive advantage in the worldwide Marketplace.



Our team will assist you in your international adventure with expert counselling related to International Taxes, tax procedures, sanctions, tax offense files; Tax planning; Tax on Companies, VAT, etc .; Tax planning of individuals: Income, Heritage and Inheritance Tax; Due Diligence; International taxation: Taxation of impatriates and expatriates; mobility, Non Resident Tax Declaration, Transfer price, etc.



BUSINESS SOLUTIONS How would you like to develop your business? TRADECOMEX can help you in optimizing your processes and business solutions. In order to deliver a valuable product or service to the market, a set of activities performed by your company and your partners must work smoothly together.


TRADECOMEX’ team counts with 10+ years of expertise in Banking and Finance.



Benefit from the know-how of our specialists during a professional and competent exchange of experiences. We are an independent financial firm made up of financial strategists specializing in independent ideas for individual investors. Our main goal is for our clients to have financial confidence in the international markets.


Thank you for your trust!



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