Purchasing a Spanish ready-made Company

Purchasing a Spanish ready-made Company




Purchasing a Spanish Company

There is not always necessary to start from scratch if you want to invest in a foreign country. Many foreigners who decide to extend their business activity in Spain choose, instead of registering a new company, to buy a local enterprise, which is already in the evidence of the local authorities. We can present to you in detail what are the legal requirements for purchasing a company.

Business in Spain

Spanish law makes no distinction between nationals and foreigners when it comes to establishing a company, and there are no restrictions on the repartition of profits. Spanish law separates businesses into limited companies, joint stock companies and different forms of partnerships. When you purchase a ready made company you need to make sure that its legal structure allows you to organize your business according to your objectives. In case the legal form of the shelf company does not respond to your wishes, you might be able to change it in the future with the help of one of our Lawyers.

Shelf companies in Spain

As mentioned above, aside from setting up a start-up, one can always buy a ready-made company, or so-called shelf company. This type of company is already formed and registered but has no previous commercial activity. German shelf companies can be customized according to the buyer’s needs. The main advantage in purchasing a shelf company is that you can have immediately a functional business. The time needed for the registration procedure can be used instead for other activities which can contribute to the well-functioning of your business.

Characteristics of ready-made companies in Spain

A ready-made company in Spain can be a small business just as well as a large enterprise. If you are not sure about the best type of legal structure for your business or your business idea, you can comment it wit hour Lawyers, we will be happy to assist you.

Still, after acquisition any shelf company can be reorganized according to your needs. Another element which is part of the ready-made company is the name. In some cases, a good name, which enjoyed some popularity on the market, can provide advantages to the investors. In case the name does not suit your plans for the company you can also change it very easily.

Just like any other registered enterprise the shelf company has an official address. You will be able to change the address if you find a better location, on the basis of a new purchase or rental agreement. Our Spanish lawyers can offer you complete information about this process and can assist you with any stage of the company acquisition.




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