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Commodity Distribution


Our operations are literally focused on moving commodities from point A to B. We source, we store, we haul, you receive.We source from local farmers throughout the country either via local aggregators or International Commodity Exchanges. We partner with key players on value chain to ensure commodities are sourced, handled and delivered efficiently, reliably and responsibly anywhere the world. We support our network of local farmers with improved farming practices and certified storage conditions. Our trained aggregators and partners endeavour to maintain or increase quality on every level of our supply chain. By doing so, we ensure that our customers quality and specifications needs are met.

Market research

TRADECOMEX provides Market research of industry intelligence for businesses, consultants, investors, and anyone seeking to understand where markets, countries, or companies are headed. With professionals covering commodities as well as emerging industries, we curate the most comprehensive collection of market reports and services for our clients.

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