TRADECOMEX: Go trade with the World!

import and Export

TRADECOMEX is involved in the import and export of a variety of food and commodities around the world. Our company works with a number of farmers, agro suppliers, distributors and manufacturers around the world to supply the best quality items.

We are providing import and export services on multiple continents around the world. We strive to source quality products and agro-commodities from our suppliers.

TRADECOMEX also assists Businesses in worldwide purchasing, distribution and delivery. We have worked in a number of developing countries like Africa and Asia. Our Company has enabled businesses to set up their distribution channels and place their products in the target markets.

We have teams of trained professionals, agents and partners in countries across the globe. We provide the channel setup and support to companies for product distribution and marketing.

Go trade with the World!

We trade on the world’s major exchanges in a wide range of products and services including sugar, coffee, cocoa, etc., logistics, ocean freight and futures/options brokerage. In support, we are active in agriculture and sourcing, processing, logistics, distribution, merchandising, financing, research and risk management.