Process goods in origin

Agricultural commodity processing facility means building, structures, fixtures and improvements used or operated primarily for the processing or production of marketable products from agricultural commodities. Our specialized experience allows us to provide clients with solutions that help them improve their productivity and competitiveness in the industry. Our efficient process of evaluation and product development allows us to design the most appropriate solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Local growth

High-potential commodities within particular agricultural sectors should be accompanied by maximum benefit value that can be attained by both local farmers and business players. In several cases, the business players are smallmedium enterprises (SMEs) which have limited resources to perform added value process of the local commodities into the potential products. The weaknesses of SMEs such as the manual production process with low productivity, limited capacity to maintain prices, and unattractive packaging due to conventional production. Agricultural commodity is commonly created into several products such as flour, chips, crackers, oil, juice, and other products.

  • Benefits local economies
  • Offers sustainable growth
  • Benefits international players